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No volleyball due to exams (dates)

Posted by howardarw on April 10, 2019 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

7th May - 14th June inclusive, so all Weds sessions between those dates are cancelled.
However keep your eyes on Facebook and here for any outdoor sessions :)

No volleyball 27th Feb :-(

Posted by howardarw on February 21, 2019 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Due to the hall being used for exams.

First session in 2019

Posted by howardarw on December 16, 2018 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Will be Wednesday 9th January

XMAS Tournament 2018! + Winter closing dates

Posted by howardarw on November 21, 2018 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

December out for more info on facebook!

Dec 19 - please await further information although a session is not scheduled for this date.
Dec 26 and Jan 2nd - No sessions.

AGM Minutes

Posted by howardarw on August 30, 2018 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

With thanks to Petra and everyone who turned up;

AGM minutes 22nd August 2018:

1) Report/updates since last meeting
a. New additions to the committee: Event managers Maira and Andrea, both doing an amazing job organising weekly trainings, working out and looking after the attendees list.
b. Antennas – NJ bought new antennas but one of them got damaged and Akli is requesting a refund. Once this is resolved NJ will buy better quality ones.
c. Net issue: Pete has formally requested that the sports centre staff put up the net properly before sessions and even offered them training but the manager has never came forward. It has never been done properly and only a few members (mainly Pete, Akli and Piotr) do it when they attend. It was confirmed in the meeting that most people don’t know how to set the net up. Members need to receive training on this. The centre is due refurbishment soon and Akli has requested that new net, posts and also antennas are bought. A note has been passed onto the centre manager by the centre staff.
d. Definition of yellow, red and new ORANGE card:
- Yellow card applies to late drop outs from sessions and late arrivals. Drop out deadline is at 3pm on Wednesday (for a session that starts at 7pm that day). Unless there is a valid reason (e.g. emergency etc) a person on attendees list who cannot attend must post on the FB event that he/she cannot attend and tag the next person on waiting list. If it happens that a spot is left untaken due to someone dropping out while others are waiting to join, the person who dropped out late must pay the fee £5 and also gets a yellow card. This means he/she will be put at the bottom of a waiting list for three weeks. After this period the yellow card is cleared.
- Orange card will be given when misbehaviour or misconduct occurs. Members have agreed that we need a different colour card to differentiate between the two types of penalties and voted for this to be implemented. 2 orange cards received within 6 months mean a red card will be given and the recipient will be excluded from the club.
- Red card: Very serious misconduct or 2 yellow cards. Exclusion from the club.

2) Finance report by Simon
a. Increase of fees in April 2018 – Everyone is now paying £5 because the club could no longer support subsidised fees for students/unemployed and was losing money. Financial report available upon request.
b. Funding confirmation – Simon has done a great job requesting fund for NJ and we have now received almost £500 fund from Pride Sports. This money is to be used for new equipment, sending people on courses, etc.
c. Another person is needed to have access to NJ bank account. Simon to follow up.
d. Subs payment options – it has been suggested that members have an option to pay subs online but at the moment there is no facility to do this. It has been agreed that the best is to keep things simple for Simon and cash is preferred.

3) New people for vacant committee roles: Welfare Officer, Secretary, Chair
a. Valentina is stepping down as a Welfare Officer. This role is now to be taken up by Ian and Pete who will share the responsibilities:
- Dealing with misbehaviour and misconduct
- Late arrivals to sessions
- Safeguarding people
- Give yellow/red cards
- At least one needs to complete an online course (cost approx. £30)
b. Petra is stepping down as s Secretary. Akli has taken up this role and the duties are:
- Point of contact - Monitoring NJ email inbox and reply to queries, posting relevant info on FB page
- Accepting/refusing (if club closed) new members by email and on FB (NJ group)
- Taking minutes during NJ meetings
c. Reza is stepping down as a Chair. During our meeting nobody from present people expressed interest to take up this role and committee will post the role as vacant on FB. (Since our meeting Amin has kindly put himself forward). Responsibilities:
- Ensuring club is running smoothly
- Manage the committee, cover up for absences
- Ensuring all committee members are doing their roles correctly and fully
- Assisting committee members to deal with issues in and out of court
- Conducting and chairing meetings (AGM and members), etc
d. Shared responsibilities of committee members:
- Contributing to committee discussions & voting to reach a decision
- Point of contact
- Good ambassador for the club

4) AOB (concerns, suggestions, etc)
a. In the Trinity sports centre hall, two projectors are installed very low above the court and they very often impede the flow of the game. It has been voted that if players accidentally hit THEIR SIDE projector they can continue playing (if they manage to). If a team hits a projector on the opposite side it counts as ‘out’.
Thank you all who participated in the meeting, your input is very much appreciated!


















AGM Date set

Posted by howardarw on August 3, 2018 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

22 August 2018 - venue TBC but probably the Salutation after training. Note; it appears we have filled the two vacancies (Chair/WO) which will be confirmed at the AGM. A huge thank-you to Min Ge and Pete Kos for volunteering their services!!

Two positions vacant; Chair and Welfare Officer

Posted by howardarw on July 4, 2018 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

After doing much sterling work for the club, both the Chair and Welfare Officer are stepping down, and the club needs to fill these positions quickly. If not, the the future of the club is very much in doubt, which is a shame as we've never had as many players involved.

Please consider applying for these positions either via Facebook or you can contact me (Howard/Webmaster) via the contacts page. Thanks!!

No volleyball on June 20th

Posted by howardarw on June 4, 2018 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The hall is being used (again) so training will resume on the 27th.

Members meeting 18th April Minutes

Posted by howardarw on April 16, 2018 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (1)

AGM minutes 18th April 2018:

1) Actions taken since the previous meeting:
- Tournaments are held every quarter. They proved to be popular amongst the members and overall everybody is happy with how they are run. There was an objection regarding the fee charged being the same as for the normal session because the time spent on court is shorter having 24 players per session. Members have acknowledged this but argued that this is compensated by treats and medals awarded at the end of the session which are subsidised from the subs collected. Also, thanks to the extra money raised the club has been able to afford new equipment such as new balls, scoreboard, net bag and speaker.
- New committee members: Valentina – has been doing an excellent job as a Welfare Officer. There were few occasions were her input was needed due to members misbehaviour and she dealt with the situation well and supported the club. She has also completed her course subsidized by the club.
Ellen – no longer an Event Manager.
Simon – deserves a massive thank you for keeping the finances in control. The club has no additional treasurer at the moment and this role is vacant. Collecting money by other committee members or other designated members during sessions when Simon is absent works fine.
Reza – is now the Chairman of the club and has been doing a fantastic job pulling everything together.
2) New Event Managers:
- Earlier in the year Andrea has kindly agreed to become a new Event Manager and has been doing a great job organising sessions.
- It has been agreed at the meeting that Maira becomes a new Event Manager. She will start helping Andrea from May onwards.
3) New fund ONLY for coaching, equipments and reserves- Northern Jump have applied for a funding and awaiting a final approval. This funding is to be used for equipment and activities that all members will be able to benefit from. It is not to subsidize private events.
4) Are we still happy with no coach?
- Northern Jump has large number of members who have to alternate in attendance on weekly basis following a carefully observed rota. Moreover, there are a lot of new starters or beginners every week. It has been difficult to run trainings involving all players with various levels and skills as people change so often. Discussion has taken place and different opinions were expressed but overall members agreed that they are happy with no coaching for the time being.
- A suggestion has been made that beginners join Moss Side Volleyball Club first as this club has a coach who will be able to support them. At Northern Jump experienced members are encouraged to support beginners.
5) Summary/report of finances by Simon
- The club’s reserves have now reduced to its minimum (£512) and it cannot afford subsidized fees any longer. The cost of the court is £74 per 2h and on an average week the club has been compensating (/loosing from reserves) approx. £5-10. Therefore it has been decided that fees will increase to a flat fee £5 for everyone. This applies to new starters’ first sessions, students and also tournaments fees. This should help sustain the club better and will allow the club to save £6 a week on a full session. Should the club reserves reach high levels again this decision will be reviewed.
- Court cost calculations were based on 42-44 sessions a year.
- Full financial report available upon request.
6) AOB
- Broken net: It is the hall staff’s responsibility to repair the net and Pete, who has been fixing the net on every session, has volunteered to file a complaint/request in writing.
- New antennas: Members agreed that the club will buy its own antennas and Akli has volunteered to find and purchase them, cost is approx. £15 each.
- Rachel has volunteered to organise a night out in September.

No volleyball on four occasions (May/June)

Posted by howardarw on April 12, 2018 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0)

There will be no sessions 16th , 23rd May, 6th & 13th June due to school exams.