Northern Jump Volleyball Club

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Info for first-timers!

1. Please e-mail [email protected] with your name, date of birth, address and contact number. We would also like to know your volleyball history, whether you have never played before, maybe a bit at school/college, or maybe you are an international player!!  That way our coaches can change the session to suit you.

2. Please request to *join* our facebook page. See LINKS. That way you will see each Wednesday has an "event" which you then add your name to. For normal players when we have more than the maximum capacity by 6pm Sunday (for the following Wednesday) then a  rota is made to determine who unfortunately misses out. Anyone missing out will be guaranteed a place the next the next time they book. However first timers are allowed entry automatically!


Wednesday session @ Trinity

We start at 7pm, if you need to change the changing rooms are available beforehand. To start we have a very short warm-up routine to get those muscles ready. 

After that we have a short spell of training then we have the game for over one hour - if we have around 12 players we divide into two teams and have three full-length sets up to 25. If we have many more than 12 (say 18) we have three teams and play many sets but shorter so you are not off court long.

What to wear.....anything suitable! Trainers with non-slip soles are essential and then anything sporty that you feel comfortable. If you wear contact lens in summer the heat can cause drying so bring some liquid to refresh them!

There is no alcohol available in the premises but you can buy water/soft drinks from the vending machines. When we finish at 9pm you can shower and make your way to our pub a short walk away (we will guide you!!) for that refreshing drink!

Of course we are very flexible so if there's something you want us to introduce (or remove) we can do so!